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This team, or those members of this list that are selected to play in the inaugural EITFL Adelaide Hornets side has a distinct South Australian 'feel' about it.

A (deliberate) large majority of preferred players coming from the two AFL sides, the 1997 Premiers ADELAIDE CROWS, and '97 rookies PORT ADELAIDE (PORT POWER), and yet more South Australians called home from sides like Carlton (Kernahan, Bradley), Essendon (Cockatoo-Collins) or Hawthorn (Holland).

The captaincy will hopefully be filled by the 1997 AFL winning Captain, Crows Midfielder Mark Bickley, with the Vice-Captaincy given to Port Adelaide Full Forward, Scotty Cummins.

The Hornets will have draft picks 3,11,22.   number One draft pick will be the final quarter freak Darren Jarman, second will be the captain Mark Bickley, and the third confirmed draft pick will be either Shaun Rehn, who will reach full fitness next year after two major knee surgeties, or newcomer Aaron Keating, who played a pivotal part in the Crows celebrations.
Mark Bickley, Adelaide Crows 
No 1. Pick
Darren Jarman, Adelaide Crows
No 2. Pick
Mark Bickley, Adelaide Crows
No 3. Pick
Shaun Rehn/Aaron Keating, Adelaide Crows

In no particular order. To Be Trimmed to playing squad after draft
  • Bickley, Mark Adelaide Crows
     - Bond, Troy Adelaide Crows
     - Caven, Peter Adelaide Crows
     - Hart, Ben Adelaide Crows
     - Jameson, Rod Adelaide Crows
     - Jarman, Darren Adelaide Crows
     - Keating, Aaron Adelaide Crows
     - Liptak, Matthew Adelaide Crows
     - McLeod, Andrew Adelaide Crows
     - Modra, Tony Adelaide Crows
     - Pittman, David Adelaide Crows
     - Rehn, Shaun Adelaide Crows
     - Ricciuto, Mark Adelaide Crows
     - Robran, Matthew Adelaide Crows
     - Smart, Nigel Adelaide Crows
     - Tregenza, Simon Adelaide Crows
     - Champion, Richard Brisbane Lions
     - Lambert, C Brisbane Lions
     - Lappin, Nigel Brisbane Lions
     - Leppitsch, Justin Brisbane Lions
     - Lynch, Alastair Brisbane Lions
     - Bradley, Craig Carlton
     - Camporeale, Scott Carlton
     - Christou, Ange Carlton
     - Clape, Mattthew Carlton
     - Dean, Peter Carlton
     - Hanna, Mil Carlton
     - Kernahan, Steven Carlton
     - Koutoufidies, Anthony Carlton
     - Buckley, Nathan Collingwood
     - Rocca, Anthony Collingwood
     - Rocca,Saverio Collingwood
     - Alessio, Steven Essendon
     - Bewick, Darren Essendon
     - Cockatoo-Collins,Che Essendon
     - Hird, James Essendon
     - Long, Michael Essendon
     - O'Donnell, Gary Essendon
     - Allan, Ben Fremantle
     - Barnes, John Geelong
     - Brownless, Billy Geelong
     - Couch, Paul Geelong
     - Crawford, Shane Hawthorn
     - Dunstall, Jason Hawthorn
     - Holland, Nick Hawthorn
     - Lyon, Gary Melbourne
     - Capuano, Matthew North Melbourne
     - Carey, Wayne North Melbourne
     - Martyn, Mick North Melbourne
     - McKernan, Correy North Melbourne
     - Schwass, Wayne North Melbourne
     - Breuer, Shane Port Power
     - Brown, David Port Power
     - Cummings, Scott Port Power
     - Eagleton, Nathan Port Power
     - Lade, Brendon Port Power
     - Lyle, Braydon Port Power
     - Mead, Darren Port Power
     - Poole, D Port Power
     - Primus, Matthew Port Power
     - Wanganeen, Gavin Port Power
     - Bond, Chris Richmond
     - Campbell, Wayne Richmond
     -  Gale, Brendon Richmond
     - Holland, Ben Richmond
     - Burke, Nathan St Kilda
     - Everitt, Peter St Kilda
     - Harvey, Robert St Kilda
     - Heatley, Jason St Kilda
     - Loewe, Stuart St Kilda
     - Kelly, Paul Sydney
     - Lockett, Tony Sydney
     - Roos, Paul Sydney
     - Stafford, Grant Sydney
     - Jakovich, Glen West Coast Eagles
     - Matera, Peter West Coast Eagles
     - McKenna, Guy West Coast Eagles
     - Sumich, Peter West Coast Eagles
     - Worsfold, John West Coast Eagles
     - Grant, Chris Western Bulldogs
     - Liberatore, Tony Western Bulldogs
     - Minton-Connell, Simon Western Bulldogs
     - Romero, Jose Western Bulldogs
     - West, Scott Western Bulldogs